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Open source solutions are becoming more and more popular amongst organizations. Among the many advantages of open source solutions include more customizable features, cost-savings and user-friendliness. 

Recently, with security vulnerability high on the priority of most management teams, Open Source Software has been thrust into the limelight as a possible replacement for proprietary software as security vulnerability on these Open Source Software are more readily fixed and rectified. All these advantages have spurred many organizations, statutory boards, and government bodies all around the world to make the switch from proprietary to open source solutions. 

This division was set up to disseminate the benefits of Open Source Software, as well as to advice on the transfer from proprietary to Open Source Software. While many organizations have jumped onto the band wagon to switch over, the process of transfer must be delicately organized to ensure that it is done accurately and with minimum disruption. 

Our team of Open Source Solution experts is specially trained to assess business operations in order to recommend the best plan of action for the transfer from proprietary to Open Source Software. While it may look simple during the planning stage, experience in executing plans is critical and makes all the difference between a successful transfer and an ineffective one. 

The service solutions that our team provides include:

- Linux to Windows File Sharing
- Linux to Linux File Sharing
- Proxy Server and Internet Access Filtering
- Web Server Services
- Email Server Services
- Firewall Services

Instead of adapting to the proprietary software that your business purchased, embrace a new way of customizing the software according to your business needs. This would result in more results-oriented software applications, better efficiency in business processes within the organization and ultimately, more cost-savings. 


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