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More than before, for any form of business, having an Internet presence is critical. Having an internet presence would mean that – and it has been put forth many times – a business can have a presence in their potential and current customers’ hands 24 hours a day and that no matter where they each reside, business can be transacted. 

Internet presence has been booming for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) segments. While B2B may not be seen as being as important as B2C, it has been spurring the growth of the Internet and B2B transactions are actually ten times greater than B2C ones. 

The importance of Internet cannot be underestimated. Of the many advantages, the ones worth emphasizing is that internet commerce shortens sales processes, and increases business referrals. 

Let our team at RMR take you step-by-step in creating an Internet presence for you and your business and you will be seeing increased sales in no time! 

From web hosting, email hosting, domain name registrations and dedicated email servers, we are a one-stop solutions provider for all your internet needs. Let us share our expertise and show you the pitfalls to avoid as a newbie on the Internet so that you will have a head-start above the other new-comers. 

With a local server, this means that we can customize our solutions according to your needs and that we are much more reliable as compared to servers located overseas. We are after all, a phone call away.

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