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Our team at RMR has proficient expertise and immense experience not only in Information Technology aspects of operations, but also in business processes.

Upon understanding our clients’ business, we would provide suggestions on ways to improve business processes while retaining and enhancing the competitive advantage of our clients. These include identifying ways to improve logistics support activities, front-line management, or data dissemination procedures. With experience from managing different aspects of a company’s operations across various industries, our team caters to an extensive range of clients. 

Each solution is customized specifically to our client’s needs to ensure that the proposals are value-enhancing to the overall strategy of the company – from integrating internal business applications like customer relationship management and real-time collaborations with trading partners, to automating business processes like order processing and billing processes. 

In terms of IT infrastructure, our team is able to provide an independent assessment of our clients’ infrastructure as we do not link up or have partnerships with vendors. Instead of pushing only for the sale of vendors’ products, we are able to evaluate our client’s needs independently before giving recommendations on specific products or a mix of products from different vendors that would optimize operations, meet the needs and most importantly remain highly cost efficient!

On all counts, an independent evaluation of your IT operations or any other business processes is much better than sticking to a particular vendor’s products. Take advantage of our expertise with the different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris, Netware), different networking technologies, different vendors and their product ranges so that we can propose the best products to suit your needs and to optimize your business platform! 

And remember, we pride ourselves in being able to exercise sound judgment and guide businesses to extract maximum value from its embrace of technology.


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